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495 | What YOU Need to Know about AI! - Interview - Nolie MacDonald (with Co-Host Mitch Parfitt)

May 11, 2023

495 | What YOU Need to Know about AI! - Interview - Nolie MacDonald (with Co-Host Mitch Parfitt)
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Hello, I'm Nolie! As a multi-passionate professional with experience across diverse industries. I started my career by founding and leading the Crime Analysis Unit for the Port of Seattle Police in 2006, and my passion for innovation led me down the path of marketing and technology.

My values center around innovation, embracing change, and inspiring others to reach their full potential. I have skills in large-scale digital transformation projects, implementing new processes and tools, and public speaking to educate communities about the responsible use of technology. My mantra is to embrace your inner nerd, as I believe that passion and curiosity are the driving forces behind innovation.

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Nolie MacDonaldProfile Photo

Nolie MacDonald


Prepare to be inspired, as the visionary leader Nolie MacDonald is set to join our radio show, sharing her invaluable insights and journey in the world of technology. Hailing from the suburbs of Seattle, Nolie has garnered nearly 20 years of experience, leaving her mark on industries such as hospitality, language translation, B2B technology services, and SaaS. As the founder of CLEAN AI, she is now on a mission to reshape the future by making 8D sound and immersive experiences accessible to everyone.

Her unwavering commitment to innovation and social impact has established her as a sought-after public figure, known for her contagious positivity and ability to inspire change. Soon, she will take to the airwaves to give our listeners a glimpse into the world of CLEAN AI, a revolutionary company dedicated to improving lives through cutting-edge technology.

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Mitch Parfitt

One of my first long term Jobs was working at the movie theater. Always had a love for movies and music growing up and aspired to be an actor. I spent a year doing auditions all around seattle I was fortunate to be a Featured Extra in the movie “21 and Over”. Pursuit of acting slowed down with having my son but still have a passion around it among other aspects of theater. Currently working on a podcast project around movie reviews mixed with Whiskey tasting etc…Movie Buzzed coming soon.

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Kevin McDonald


Creator and Host of Positive Talk Radio and its Parent Company