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Open Call - Featured Guest

Open Call - Featured Guest

Open Call for Submissions

Featured boost to your websites.

You are invited to be featured in our blog on 

Qualified Candidates are those who have been an interview Guest on our Positive Talk Radio show and their associates. Your peers are invited.

Here are the requirements for being selected in this complimentary promotional boost:

•Choose a topic that you believe will help improve someone's life or the world. Include specific resources, knowledge or examples for the reader.

•Send us the link to your written piece by November 30th, 2022 

•Suggest a title for the post.

•Length - minimum one page or about 500 words.

•We reserve the right to make corrections or edits if needed.

•You agree that this work is your original writing and does not appear published elsewhere.

•Type your public contact information that we can direct fans to within the document.  We are looking forward to helping your website get back-linking traffic.  This helps your SEO results.

•Optional - attach a high quality image(s) or link, to an image for your piece. You agree you have permission to use this image for your featured blog post.

Email submission to:


What to expect:

We will confirm receipt of your submission.

We will notify you when your piece has been approved for publication on our website.

We will give you credit.

We will send you the link to the blog post once it is up.

An interview - if your piece has a new topic our fans would find value in, chances are good we'd like to invite you to interview on it.

We will post your approved piece within 2-3 weeks after approval.

Questions email: