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Beth Nagle Griffin

Behind the Power: You're Not Crazy, You're Powerful

Beth is a foodie and intuitive healer who guides and supports others on their journey to heal their personal relationship with food. With a BS in Art and Adult Learning, Raw Food Chef certification and extensive studies in herbal and natural healing, Beth’s wisdom is anchored in the energetics of plants and plant-based foods as well as nutritional science. By combining both, Beth believes we heal and grow holistically, and the ripple effect of healing reignites our sacred connection to food, to each other and to the planet.

Beth also believes in the healing power of chocolate and handcrafts raw cacao confections with the highest vibrational ingredients. Her decadently delicious maple-sweetened Soul Full Organic Chocolate was created so we can heal our relationship with food and enjoy chocolate, too!

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Sept. 2, 2022

240 | Beth Nagle Griffin - An Amazing Soul!

Beth Nagle Griffin is an adventurous spirit who declared at a young age, “I will travel the world and be a teacher!” YouTube video link: Check us out: Facebook - Instagram - TikTok - …

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