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PTR April 6th 2022- Randi-lee Bowslaugh and Peter Honigmann

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Randi-lee Bowslaugh
Randi-Lee was born and raised in Ontario, Canada and from a young age she had a passion for helping others. She attended Niagara College and graduated at the top of her class from Community and Justice Services after completing her placement at a recovery house for alcohol and drug addictions. Post-graduation she worked at a Native Friendship Centre for two and a half years while pursuing a university education in psychology. Randi-Lee continued working in social services for another four years as an employment counselor until she left to pursue her other passions.

In 2017 Randi published her first book about mental health awareness (Thoughts of a Wanderer) and in 2018 published A Mother’s Truth (inspired by raising her youngest who has special needs).

Peter Honigmann

In 1984, Peter Honigmann started his journey into martial arts with Kenpo Karate under Grandmaster John McSweeney, one of the pioneers in reality-based self-defense. John served in multiple branches of the military, was one of Ed Parker’s first black belts, introduced Kenpo Karate to Ireland, worked as a bodyguard, and started a martial arts studio in Elmhurst, Illinois (which is still teaching Kenpo). Peter was drawn to John’s powerful style of teaching, focused on making self-defense simple and effective. Peter trained in Kenpo for about 12 years under John, John’s student Tom Saviano, and Mr. Saviano’s student Steve Rigitano.