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PTR- Gissela Taraba- Owner of Maitri Center for Love and Compassion

Gissele Taraba has a double Masters, one in Epidemiology and another one in Social Work. She has worked in the not for profit field in leadership for over 14 years and is a mother of two beautiful children. She found self-love and self-compassion helped her heal her anxiety and panic attacks, as well as helped her overcome some childhood trauma. She is a trained mindful self-compassion teacher.
Gissele Taraba is co-owner of Maitri Centre for Love and Compassion. Maitri Centre offers one to one support sessions and workshops to individuals to assist them in remembering their own self-love and self-compassion. We also work with businesses to increase the amount of compassion at work. Under her leadership, she has successfully taken teams that were considered dysfunctional and assisted them in becoming flourishing and compassionate teams.