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PTR- Janet Walmsley and Jenny Story- Tell a remarkable story about Autism

Jenny Story was born in Yellowknife NWT however lived the majority of her years in Vernon, British Columbia however three years ago moved to Vancouver, BC to go to Vancouver Film School for Animation. Jenny has since graduated and is now a Professional 2D Classical Animator and a 3D Digital Character Animator. This is Jenny's first novel and she has done her own illustrations for the book. She is planning on a trilogy and has already started writing the second book. Jenny has been recently announced as Official Spokesperson for ANCA World of Autism Festival and she is also a nominee for the award for Literature Arts for ANCA because of her writing and her novel Dysnomia.
Written works: Dysnomia: Outcasts On a Distant Moon (2015) · Dysnomia: Home Lies in Your Heart (2021)

Janet Walmsley was born in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. She is the youngest of three girls. She did acting in Elementary and High School. Then went to College and University for Dental Assisting and Hygiene, which she did for 27 years in Manitoba, Germany, Yellowknife,NWT and Vernon, BC, Canada.

Later in life at the age of 41, Janet got back into acting in the Theatre, where she did a number of roles and directed the play, "Graceland"! One memorable character for her, is the role of Grumio in Taming of the Shrew! She was noticed by a professional actor and told her to go get an Agent and get into film and TV, which she did!! Janet is also a Talent Scout for MVM Agency in Vancouver. She teaches acting with her class, Shifting Lanes through Actor Van Studios. She is also an acting coach and works with actors to get their ducks in a row for acting packages to present to Agents.

Janet is also a best selling publisher of her book, The Autistic Author and Animator, which is a heart warming, inspiration, enlightening and engaging true story of her Daughter's journey with Autism!!