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444 | Let’s start your Fitness Journey! - Interview - Fitz Koehler

March 15, 2023

444 | Let’s start your Fitness Journey! - Interview - Fitz Koehler
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Fitz Koehler is a fitness innovator with a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences from the University of Florida, who has been teaching fitness around the globe for decades.

She’s the president of Fitzness International LLC, a fitness company that specializes in fitness education via mass media, and fitness programming for children (Morning Mile). Along with teaching to millions in person via corporate speaking engagements and seminars in over a dozen countries…Fitz has promoted fitness through every avenue of mass media; books, television, films, radio, magazines, journals and online.

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Kevin McDonaldProfile Photo

Kevin McDonald


Creator and Host of Positive Talk Radio and its Parent Company

Fitz KoehlerProfile Photo

Fitz Koehler

Author/Speaker/Race Announcer/Fitness Pro

Noisy. Bossy. Compelling. Fitz Koehler of is the author of multiple books, including My Noisy Cancer Comeback, Your Healthy Cancer Comeback: Sick to Strong and Healthy Cancer Comeback Journal, a busy keynote speaker, a professional race announcer, and a fitness expert. Her company Fitzness International has a global reach, and she's conquered every avenue of mass media to help people live better and longer.