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Dawn Blair


Local nurse & author Dawn Blair overcome Lyme disease with the help of an unexpected friend.

“Me And Mr. Monks,” tells the heartwarming (and often heartbreaking) story of a tiny 7 lb. rescue dog who saved his owner's life. When Dawn Blair was diagnosed with Lyme disease, her world was turned upside down. For almost 4 years, Dawn was dealing with myriad debilitating symptoms including fatigue, crippling migraines, chronic insomnia, loss of balance, dizziness, brain fog, neuropathy, and open sores/ulcers over her body and face that would not heal. Physically beaten down to the point where she was contemplating suicide, Dawn turned to her rescue dog, Mr. Monks for comfort. And Mr. Monks delivered.

Mr. Monks and Dawn shared a love that comes along only once in a lifetime if you're lucky. And was also loved by many in the Richmond, Virginia community. This book is not only a tribute to Mr. Monks, and everything he meant to Dawn, but is also about the power of friendship, and how an animal rescue can, in fact, rescue both parties.

Dawn Blair is a Registered Hospice Nurse who resides in Richmond, Virginia. An avid animal lover, when not caring for hospice patients, she dedicates the bulk of her free time to volunteering with the local Richmond area animal shelters and rescues.

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Oct. 8, 2022

332 | Dawn Blair - The Author of ”Me and Mr. Monks”

Dawn Blair is a Registered Hospice Nurse Case Manager who resides in Richmond, Virginia. She is an avid animal lover who loves animals of all types, especially dogs. When not caring for hospice patients she dedicates a lot of her …

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