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DeeAnn Lensen


When DeeAnn noticed that almost everyone she knew was on a roller coaster of success and failure, she began to look for answers. She was passionate about creating a system that would help because that is exactly the same 'virus' that she had cured herself of!

As a European trained, Advanced Esthetic Educator and Spa Consultant DeeAnn was immersed in the spa industry where peace and balance seemed to be for guests (on the surface only) and certainly not staff, so, she boldly set out to change things. For her innovative coaching to spa management and spa staff, DeeAnn was awarded Educator of the Year by Spa Inc Magazine and Leading Spas of Canada.

July 31, 2022

206 | Dee Ann Lensen and Mark Fournier - The Great Life Coaches

At 62 years old, Mark has been a 'messenger' for over 40 years. He currently resides in Chicago and Arizona. ​He began his career…

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